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Gakona, AK to Tok, AK with side trip to Chicken, AK (300 Miles)

A cold, bright, sunny day greeted us when we got started at 10AM in Gakona. We only had a 125 mile day ahead of us because we were hoping for a quick trip up the Top of the World Highway to Chicken and beyond.

When I say cold, it was 34º at 10 AM. Based on how often the furnace came on, I would guess that the temperature dropped below 30º over night.

It was mostly sunny as we wound through the mountains heading generally north to Tok. The snow-topped peaks of Wrangell-St Elias were ever-present in the east. It was a very scenic morning.

We reached Tok a little later than expected due to some road construction and a general slower speed because of the rougher road.

We got setup up at the Tok RV Village, ate some lunch and departed for Chicken, AK and the Top of the World Highway. This is an alternative route to Canada and takes you through Dawson, YT and finally to Whitehorse.

The upside of this route is the incredible sights and the vastness of Alaska. You can look around 360º and not see any evidence of mankind - not even wires. What we could see was acres and acres of the results of the 6 million acres of the 2004 forest fires.

On the downside is that just before you enter Chicken, the road becomes gravel and continues for at least 40 miles to the border. Some of this section of the road is a bit treacherous for RVs. It also adds 137 tough miles to the journey.
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