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Great Falls, MT to Billings, MT (219 Miles)

As we were preparing the RV for travel several F18's went overhead and were so loud and low that we are still ducking our heads! By the time I grabbed the camera, as you can imagine, they were long gone. This photo was as they were doing maneuvers overhead. The campground was not only next to the International airport but an Air Force Base as well.

Despite its interesting location, Dick's RV Park is one of our favorites. Great Falls is a nice small city with the Charles M Russell Museum. He was one of the foremost artist of the old western frontier. Also the RV park is located next to a beautiful park next to the Missouri River.

As we drive through MT we realize what a vast country we live in……you can see for miles and miles and just see the rolling hills of the prairie and the antelope roaming freely.
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