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Haines Junction, Yukon to Whitehorse (101 Miles)

We got a late start for a short, easy jaunt to Whitehorse. It was cloudy and chilly when we finally got under way at 11AM. The Alaska Highway from this point on to Dawson Creek, BC (Mile 0) is in excellent shape and it was a relief to reach here.

Haines Junction, Yukon sits on the edge of Kluane National Park and has snow capped peaks as a back drop. It's the 2nd time that we stayed here and it doesn't disappoint.

We got to Whitehorse in time to do a little shopping. We enjoy Whitehorse because it is a lively, beautiful city that is the capital of Yukon Territory. It is also the home of Sanchez Cantina - one of the best Mexican restaurants that we've ever eaten at. It is a bit expensive but it's in Whitehorse.

We are staying at the Mountain View Motel and RV Park. It's not the most elegant parks we've encountered, but the management are thoughtful and pleasant and it has all the hook-ups. We have an awesome internet connection, cable TV, and running water. This is the first time that we're staying at an RV park that hasn't turned off the water for the winter. The night temperature generally gets below freezing.

A latitude perspective:

Colorado Springs 38 degrees
Cooper Landing 60 degrees
Whitehorse 60 degrees
Tok 63 degrees
Chicken 64 degrees

Each degree is about 69 miles so you can see that we are still a bit north.

We're actually staying an extra day here in Whitehorse to make our second side trip. This one will be to Skagway. However, the Skagway weather looks a bit ominous so we'll see...

Top of the World Highway & Chicken, AK from George & Maureen Poirier on Vimeo.

Please join us while we give you a glimpse of the drive on the Top of the world highway and Chicken, AK.

As we drove past miles of burned out forest, we remembered back to 2004 when we entered Alaska and smelled smoke. 6 million acres of wildfires scorched the vast forests.

We were awestruck by the sight of the forests that went on forever after we went beyond the burn area.

The condition of the dirt road turned us around before we reached the border, but we came away amazed.

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