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Watson Lake, YT to Fort Nelson, BC (323 Miles)

Sensory Overload. That's what happened today.

We pulled out of Watson Lake knowing that we had these ahead of us:
  • challenging mountains - the Northern Rockies
  • famous buffalo herd
  • Liard Hot Springs
  • Toad River Crossing

It was 323 mile of almost nonstop "Look at that!". We were in prime foliage season and the sun was shining so that we constantly being barraged by golden, shimmering sights.

We haven't passed this way without encountering the buffalo herds that can line the highway (and sometimes block it). One time we measured the start and end of traces (buffalo poop) and it stretched for 160 miles. We were 100 miles out of Fort Nelson before we encountered our first herd. It was larger than we have seen and was in the process of moving from the right side of the road to the left. We certainly didn't miss this photo op. We maneuvered just past the herd and pulled over to digitally catch this sight.
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After we had our share of photos and videos, we moved on 20 miles for a stop at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park. We've stopped there before and it is a really pleasant break in the day. It's the second largest hot springs and is very well enhanced with stairs, benches and even sluices to run the hot water over a couple of small waterfalls that you can sit under. We spent more than an hour here including a quick lunch. We only wished that it could have been the end of the day.

Back on the road again and the climbing started at Muncho Lake. This is a large lake at around 3,000 feet and is always frozen over on our way up. We had to wind through a narrow stretch of road with a rock wall on our left and the lake on our right. Negotiating past oncoming truckers was an inhaling experience.

Along the way we saw the following
  • Caribou
  • Sheep
  • Elk
  • Moose

We arrived in Fort Nelson worn out from what may have been the most scenic drive we've ever been on.