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Whitehorse, YT to Watson Lake, YT (281 Miles)

Today we drove a a fairly easy 281 miles. The biggest challenge was the it rained for the first 140 miles. As a matter of fact, there was a meteorological anomaly today that was intriguing.

After raining for 140 miles, as soon as we entered British Columbia, it stopped. No big deal. Our stay in BC was all too brief since we swung back up into Yukon where, of course, it started raining again. We thought that this was pretty weird. Fortunately it cleared up soon enough and by the time we arrived, it was in the mid-50s and sunny.

Despite the rain, the scenery was excellent. We have gotten south far enough the the birch trees that were leafless since we arrived in Tok, now were full of golden foliage. And it went on for miles.

There has been an interesting change since 2009. There seems to be a significant increase in vehicles on the Alaska Highway, We certainly can't call it traffic since it's seldom that we see more than one or two vehicles on the road at any one time. But we don't feel the isolation that was present 2 years ago.

Watson Lake is the home of the Sign Forest. It's a large patch of land in the center of town with acres of signs of all sorts from all over the world. There was even one from Latvia.

In 1942, a simple signpost pointing out the distances to various points along the tote road being built (to transport supplies and equipment for the war effort) was damaged by a bulldozer Private Carl K. Lindley, was ordered to repair the sign, and decided to personalize the job by adding a sign pointing towards his home town, Danville, IL and giving the distance to it. Several other people added directions to their home towns, and the idea has been snowballing ever since. The latest count was 70,000 signs in the Forest.
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