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Maureen & George Poirier

The Backstory

It's back to Cooper Landing, AK. After not traveling since 2011, we could not let another summer go by without returning to Alaska and especially the regulars at Wildman's in Cooper Landing.

We've had to make some investments in our Bighorn since on our 2011 return trip, our fridge died and we lost a wheel (not tire). I'll describe these "investments" in our journal.

Our calendar puts us sort of on the road on 4/17 but only to an RV Park 5 miles away. There we will make certain that we are well prepared and actually run back and forth to our home to do some maintenance and clean-up.

We do have some work to do that we became aware of during our wildfire evacuation scare last summer. Fire mitigation became a hot button after the Black Forest Fire which came within 2 miles of our house and caused us to move our Bighorn to the high school and then a campground for 4 days until the fire was under control.

We will stay there until 4/26 when we will depart for Alaska. Our objective is to arrive in Cooper Landing on or about 5/10. We always try to drive about 300 miles a day so that we get stop along the way and to stop early enough to get settled and check out the area a bit.

There three places that we enjoy stopping for a couple of days.

Edmonton is our first. The West Edmonton Mall is well worth revisiting since its size is mind-boggling. We especially enjoy shopping at the fully stocked Asian supermarket.

Whitehorse (capitol of Yukon Territories) is our next layover. It's just a nice city with a very awesome treat on this trip. You'll have to check out the journal for the details on that.

Anchorage is our last layover. Besides the fact that it too, is a fun city with great eateries, we usually do a bit of grocery shopping since Cooper Landing is about 40 miles from reasonable grocery shopping.

An Overview

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Back on the Road

We've selected the same route that we took in 2009. Going through Calgary and Edmonton, we join the Alaska Highway at Mile 0 in Dawson Creek, BC.

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Us on the Alaska Highway

This time we are without our buddy Angus, we are again headed for Alaska on the Alaska Highway. This photo was from a nice stop between Whitehorse and Haines Junction in the Yukon

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Our Destination

Back to Wildman's in Cooper Landing. An iconic convenience store, it is located midway between Homer and Anchorage. It is almost a must stop for ice cream, sandwiches, fried chicken and, of course, restrooms.


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Mile 0 - Dawson Creek

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A pretty stretch - in Yukon

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Toad River Lodge - A Welcome Stop

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Toad River Lodge - great to get a bite and stretch legs

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Buffalo can be seen along a 150 mile stretch in Yukon

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He looks a bit curious

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Cow and calf strolling along the Alaska Highway

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Liard Hot Springs - our favorite stop

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Sign Forest in Watson Lake

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Mountains in Wrangell St Elias National Park

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Mountains in Kluane National Park in Yukon

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A great reason to stop in Whitehorse (capital of Yukon)

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A welcome sight

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Caribou slowing us down on Tok Cutoff.