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We have arrived!

In Cooper Landing.

We relaxed a bit this morning before packing up and moving out at noon, check-out time.
0513  046

As we left Anchorage, we got on the Seward Highway towards the Kenai Peninsula. Cooper Landing is 45 miles from Anchorage “as the crow flies” but 102 as the truck drives. Seward Highway proceeds around the Turnagain Arm. This is a shallow bay at the northern end of the Cook Inlet of the Gulf of Alaska. It got its name from Captain Cook’s several attempts to find a passage and having to “turn again” after unsuccessful tries. Today it was fogged over as we started our short, pleasant drive.
0513  048
0513  049

We have driven this route many times and never seen it fogged in like this. It wasn’t a hazard since the fog hung over the inlet and not the highway. The Seward is a notoriously dangerous highway because of reckless driving. We noticed a much greater emphasis on speed warnings now. Hope it’s working because there were too many fatal accidents along this 40 mile stretch of highway.
0513  050

We left the Turnagain Arm and climbed into the Kenai Peninsula. There were a few rough spots along the way but the biggest delay was a 5 miles an hour 1 mile stretch stuck behind a road strip painter. By the time he moved over for us to pass, he had a line of about 20 vehicles. At this point we decended onto the Sterling Highway with a 10 mile run to Wildmans and our home for the next 4 months We pulled into Wildmans at 2.
0513  045

It was a great, warm welcome from all our old friends. Heather, Jerry, Cheryle and Pat were all there to greet us with hugs. After some story swapping, we took a tour of the significantly changing store and then Jerry parked the RV in site 6. As we were setting up, Cary and John popped by. A real “old home” welcome. It was great.
0513  051

After the initial cleanup and setup, we were ready to relax. It’s going to be great to have NO take-down/drive/setups for the foreseeable future. We have our first day of “work” in the morning. We have to attend a TAMS class for the sale of tobacco and liquor products. I’m sure we will chill for a while after that. We’ve got organizing and cleaning to do but nothing urgent. Looking forward to a great summer.
0513  052

Thanks for following or journey. We’ll continue to post because there is seldom that a day passes without shareable events. There will be Kenai Fiord tours, Homer visits, Seward drives, a trip or 2 to Hope. There are eagle to photograph, grizzlies to video and moose to gawk at, It will continue to be adventurous and fun.
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