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The Bradley Smoker

Our first attempt with our new smoker was an unqualified success. The challenge was to make adjustments in the recipes to account for the convection process since this speeds up the cooking/smoking.
IMG_3084 photo 1

With this in mind, we filled 2 racks with fresh red salmon, loaded the feeding tube with smoking briquettes, set the timers and temperature and off we go. About 90 minutes later, we checked the status and declared a great success. After too many hit or miss experiences on our old smoker, we were really pleased with the results of our first attempt on the Bradley.

photo 2

To ensure that it was not just luck, we decided to try some chicken. After a couple of rookie false starts, we smoked some chicken that had been cut up for a stir fry. This too was an unqualified success.

So far, so excellent. We’re psyched for our next project but we have to get some space in the fridge before we go forward.
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