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To Anchorage and a bit of traffic

0512  038
We left Tok at 9:45 prepared for a challenging 120 mile start on the Tok Cutoff Highway. We had been forewarned about this stretch a couple of times so we were mentally prepared for road damage. We had 320 miles to go today and we much preferred to have the lousy road conditions at the start of the day. After yesterday’s challenges on the last 100 miles of the Alaska Highway, we were ready.
0512  039

Tok Cutoff was not as bad as we anticipated since the Alaska DOT had begun repairs and smoothed out must of the ugly road damage. The repairs were leveled out gravel that deteriorates as it is used but sets them up for permanent repairs with significant improvements for travelers.
0512  040

The scenery on that segment is amazing. Yesterday took us by Canada’s Kluane National Park. Its American neighbor is Wrangell-St Elias National Park. It would not be surprising if you haven’t heard of this park but it is the largest park in the US at 13 million acres. It has 17,000 ft peaks and is breathtaking, With Kluane at 5 million and Wrangell at 13 million, there are 13 million acres of national park with fabulous scenery and wilderness. Amazing.

0512  044

The welcomed end to the Tok Cutoff Ts into the Richardson Highway that extends from Fairbanks to Valdez. We only drove on 20 miles of this highway to Glennallen. There we picked up the Glen Highway to Anchorage. This westerly drive took us by more Wrangell sights and continued with mountains and glaciers off to our left. The highway was in excellent shape and the drive to Anchorage was uneventful and pleasant.

0512  042

We arrived in Anchorage at 5 and were greeted with the 5 PM traffic. Fortunately it was outbound and didn’t present us with any delays or challenges. We were parked and set up by 6:15 at the Golden Nugget RV park. We celebrated by going to Fred Meyers super market for some groceries and fuel. We had minimal wildlife sightings with 2 moose and 1 caribou.
0512  043

Tomorrow, it’s off to Cooper Landing. This is a very familiar 102 miles that will take us around the Turnagain Arm and into the Kenai Peninsula. More about these tomorrow.

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