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A Mini Vacation

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We’re back!

We’ve certainly been remiss in our Blog but we’ll start a catch-up process. It will be latest to earliest since it be the easiest approach.

Our initial vacation intension was to repeat the Whittier to Valdez ferry trip, but we had no desire to do it in the rain again. So we’ve
postponed this excursion until later. Instead we opted to go to Anchorage on Sunday to revisit the Anchorage Flea Market and do a couple of more activities.

We hadn’t been to the flea market since 2004. Since we remembered it so well, we knew it had to be fun and different. We were not disappointed. It covers a big square block and is open every weekend all summer. It’s all Alaska related and is a kick. We spent about 1.5 hours wandering around and really enjoyed the visit.

Another destination was Cabella’s to get a new smoker. There’s a Bradley 2-rack convection smoker with an RV friendly footprint. The design promised a more consistent, efficient and versatile smoker. We had just gotten a bunch of sockeye salmon to process, so we were anxious to see if it could meet our objectives. More later. (Hint: it’s awesome so far.)

After a couple of shopping stops, we headed back to Cooper Landing. As we were rounding Turnagain Arm (a bay at the northern end of Cook Inlet), we were forced to make a stop. We knew about the tidal bore that invaded Turnigain, but had never seen it. We started noticing that the frequent viewing area along Seward Highway were getting full. This was uncommon and convinced us that a tidal bore was imminent.

We pulled into the next viewing area that we encountered and within moments, it was in view. There were surfers enjoying the single wave that is the tidal bore that was about 4 feet. It was more than enough to entertain us and propel the surfers forever (it seemed).

After it passed us, we resumed our trip only to stop again as it continued into the bay. The surfers and the photographers continued as well. It was an excellent stroke of luck because the tidal bore is a fascinating phenomenon.

So our “vacation” got off to an excellent start.
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