Day 11 - Harrisburg to Whately, MA

We woke to heavy winds and a steady rain. It was easy to decide to spend an extra day in Harrisburg and avoid the dealing with the wind and rain for 7 hours. The route we had selected was 375 miles, fairly aggressive after 6 straight days of closing up the RV, driving and then setting it back up. So we weren’t particularly upset about spending the day there.

Also, we had to get some items at an RV store and a Home Depot to make a couple of repairs. After verifying that we could extend a day, we ran off to an RV store. While on our way, the skies brightened and the rain stopped. Since one of the conditions of our stay was to move to an alternative site, we decided to get out of Dodge as soon as we got back to the RV. We got a couple of things at the RV store that we didn’t have on our list, got some breakfast and filled up with the most reasonably priced fuel in Harrisburg ($3.09 vs $3.25 just down the street).

When we returned to the RV site, we noticed that it had yellow streaks streaming down as if it had been “egged”. After some sleuth work, we discovered pieces of tiny blue eggshells. It became apparent that the wind had blown some robin eggs out of a tree onto our RV.

We then quickly packed up and got on the road. It was 12:30 - about 3 hours later than our typical departure. That made our projected arrival time 6:40 - assuming no stops.

The strong wind was coming out of the west, so after Scranton, we had a handy tail wind. This drive was quite hilly and very scenic. We managed to maintain a 60+ mph average speed and that led to 13.3 mpg. We wanted to avoid getting any more fuel until we arrived because we saw diesel as high as $3.45 along the way.

In New York, we passed within 10 miles on Cornwall, where we lived for 3 years and Geoffrey was born. We drove west over the the Hudson River on the Beacon-Newburg Bridge . Amazingly, the car toll is $1.00. In 1970, it was $0.50.

By the time we passed through Springfield, we were getting close to Hatfield, our “home town”. The picture on the left is the NBA Hall of Fame, fitting since the game of basketball was created in Springfield.

Within 10 miles of our destination, the rain finally reappeared, at times quite hard. By the time (7:05) we arrived at White Birch Campground, the rain had subsided and we were able to set up on a wet site with no rain. We should also note that after 385 mile, we had not much fuel left. We managed to get to a gas station and refilled 34.4 gallons (in a 34+ gallon tank) at $2.89 per gallon.

We went to Wolfies to get a bite to eat and meet with Ed, Brian and Martha. We had a great evening of conversation and vittles before returning to the RV.

It must be noted that White Birch is very disappointing. Although we were told that WiFi was available, our site can’t even see a network. And we have no TV. The TV is not an issue, but no internet access is not good. Some landscaping, reasonable features (WiFi, cable, sewer) and this spot could be awesome. The scenery is excellent and the area has so much to offer. Yankee Candle is only 2 mile away.

We will be here for a couple of days and then it’s off to Maine (175 miles), our final destination for the next 6 months.