Day 12 - In Whately - seeing family

White Birch has great potential but... We had no accessible internet (although promised) and no TV. Additionally, with some landscaping, the park could be beautiful. The location has lots to offer both historically and just plain beauty. However, it’s got a long ways to go before we will stop there again though.

Because we could, we lounged around in bed until after 9AM. It was pleasant to have nowhere to get to. We had things to try to get done, so we got off at 10AM for a leisure breakfast and drive to Greenfield to visit Home Depot.

We got almost everything we needed and some things we didn’t and returned to our RV. Just as we arrived, Brian called and suggested that we get up to see Grandpa Ed. So we stored our goodies and drove to North Hatfield and Molloy Ave.

We spent the remainder of the day and some of the evening visiting with Grandpa Ed, Marsha, Ed, Hannah, Mike, little Matthew and Benjamin. There were lots of laughs, fun with the kids and delicious Italian fare.

We returned to Whately (only about 8 miles) and spent a few moments whining about the internet before calling it a night. We will spend another day in the Hatfield area. There’s lot’s to do and many to visit. We will head to Wells on Wed.