Day 13 - Another Day in Hatfield

We went off to breakfast in a small, pleasant, local restaurant in downtown South Deerfield. Following a pleasant, easy breakfast and we headed off to Hatfield to visit with Grandpa Ed. He wasn’t home so we went to Hadley to get access to Barnes and Nobel’s internet. Maureen needed to catch up on some bills.

After spending a couple of hours paying bills, surfing and browsing the latest books, we decided to drop in on Allie and Kyle. After visiting for a while, we went to dinner in Northampton at Fitzwillies. This pub/restaurant had recently become nationally famous when “
Lord Jesus Christ” had been hit by a car in front of the pub.

We had a really pleasant evening of conversation and laughs. We bid good-night and headed off to see Ed and Marsha and Hanna’s family.