05 - Kellogg, IA to Gothenburg, NE

The sun rose exposing acres and acres of corn fields which seems so appropriate for Iowa. We have driven through IA several times now and have really enjoyed the trips. It is a beautiful state with green rolling hills and plenty of cornfields.

Another thing we discovered this time is wind farms. Along the trip we saw 18 wheelers transporting the blades for windmills. We then saw the wind farms and one which was having several new windmills erected.

Raise your hand if you have eaten at a Runza. That’s what we thought.....we had never heard of one either. Sandwich place and nice salads.....we had one of each and were very pleased. BUT we had to mention our lunch stop because it is next to Wal-Mart and they have graciously provided a large section of their parking lot to provide parking for 18 wheelers and campers. We figured there were about 10 18 wheelers and 4 or 5 campers. When you are 50+ feet long you appreciate finding a place that caters to you.

Travel has been great. We experienced a little rain but it was gone by the time we set up and dry again when we broke down in the morning. The same was not quite true of the wind. Driving against the breeze and increasing the elevation our mileage dropped to 10.7 mpg and at one time we were 12+. It will be nice $$$ to park Mater and give him a rest and take Sally out.....that is going to be a much easier trip to the gas station!

After setting up in the Gothenburg, NE KOA, we took Angus for a walk and decided to set out and check out the town of 3,000 and see what was available for NE home cooking. It did not take long to check out the entire town and the few places that were open only had a few cars .......you know how to check out a restaurant....see how many cars in the parking lot, right?

Well, we gave up on the town and had one more possibility Randazzle’s. Driving into the parking lot was PACKED with cars, pick ‘em ups, and 18 wheelers. We were please we did not “settle” on one of the others. But, as we got inside there were only a few people eating.....mmmmm...curious. As we climbed back into Mater we saw that the other half of the building was and Adult Lounge......wonder what their food was like......

Off to Colorado tomorrow....on the glide path......only 350 miles or so......we are so excited!