02 - Milford, PA to Harrisville, PA

Today we traversed most of PA. We left River Beach Campground at 9:20 and headed west. Our objective was to get in Ohio. However we ran into challenges finding an available campground so we scaled back our objective and ended up at Kozy Rest Kampground in Harrisville. It’s 29 miles short of OH.

The drive was gorgeous but challenging. PA is mountainous (eastern style) from start to finish so the truck was tested and passed with flying colors. We arrived with 11.2 MPG. The foliage continued to impress and the countryside was perfect.

We did have one frustrating experience. When we stopped for lunch at a beautiful rest stop, Maureen opened the RV door to an unpleasant sight of opened cabinets with the contents spewed around the RV and the TV support tie-down broken and the TV dangling. We had obviously encountered some rough roads in our travels. These roads, although rough, were not as bad as Destruction Bay in the Yukon so the mess we were faced with was a complete surprise. We spent about 45 minutes recovering and (gave Angus our sandwiches.....lost our appetites) we were on our way.

We got set up at Kozy Rest by 5 PM. Since there was no real need to go out, we are still connected to the truck.

Maureen quickly figured out dinner and made a delicious pasta using a base tomato sauce that she made from her home grown tomatoes as well as the rest of the Wells, ME mussels.

Tomorrow we intend to get an early start and could be in the Central Time zone if we get a bit aggressive.