01 - Wells, ME to Milford, PA

(Hang in there with us.....within the next few days we hope to be up to date as well as populated with pictures.....the current as well as previous sections.)

Leg 1 is behind us. After completing several pre-departure tasks, we were on the road by 9AM. We had to sweep of the tops of the slides since they were COVERED with pine needles from the wind and storm. We had to store a few items that we had chosen to leave out until the last minute. We then completed the final preparations, closed the slides, disconnected the power, connected the truck, raised the jacks and we were off - after a few photos, of course.

The weather exceeded our expectations, it was sunny and breezy. We chose to go to York to get on I95 and start on the interstate system.

As we proceeded south and west, we were dazzled with the famous northeast fall foliage. This is one of the reasons that we chose the Wells Beach Resort gig. It’s been many years since we had seen the full foliage display.

The trip proceeded smoothly and we made great time. After leaving Maine, we passed through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and stopped in Pennsylvania.

We arrived at the River Beach Campground in Milford, PA at 3:30. We chose this location due to the distance and it turned out to be awesome. It caters to people who enjoy canoeing on the Delaware River. There are over 300 sites - primarily tent sites in a rustic, gorgeous setting on the banks of the Delaware. It’s busy even at this late date.

After unhooking, we took a ride to New Jersey - yup - New Jersey. We’re located at a strange confluence of three states: NY, NJ and PA. We could tell when we reached NJ because the cost of diesel went from 3.25 to 2.99 within a mile.

Leg 1 was a very pleasant start to our return journey. Leg 2 will barely bring us into Ohio.