03 - Harrisville, PA to Elkhart, IN

We were off and running by 8:45 since we left the RV and the truck connected and we had little in the way of hooking up. It was overcast with rain, as we expected, for the drive. We left Kozy Rest Kampground (very pleasant, enjoyable facility with nice management) intending to get to Indiana. This will put us just short of half way - 1,000 miles.

We encountered rain soon after getting started on I80. This continued on and off until noon when we stopped for lunch. In fact, by the time we landed at the Elkhart Campground, it was sunny and 57°.
The change in the countryside was dramatic. Pennsylvania was mountainous and forested throughout the entire drive from border to border. Crossing into Ohio, on the other hand, was relatively flat and agricultural with a smattering of manufacturing facilities thrown in. Indiana was more of the same. We arrived in Elkhart at 3:30. The Bighorn had arrived at its birthplace. We had picked it up here in Elkhart on October 15, 2008.

After running around a bit - including an incursion into Michigan - we wandered around the large, unexciting campground before settling in.

Tomorrow - our destination is Iowa.