04 - Elkhart to Kellogg, IA

After an uneventful night, we head out at 9:06 am for Kellogg, Iowa. We intend to camp at “Iowa’s Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg Campground”. With advertising like that how can we not make it a destination?

Continuing on I80 we had the dubious pleasure of driving around Chicago. Those who have seen “Mater” and the 38 foot RV let us know how BIG you think they are....well, weaving thru the construction, the never ending lane changes and the 18 wheelers on the route around Chicago will help you realize that we are NOT quite so big as we once seemed! Here is an example: Can you help George find Mater?

We will post some video we took of this amazing driving thru this maze around Chicago.....stay tuned and take the drive with us!

Our next stop was the I80 truck stop. This is billed as the “largest truck stop in the world”......they must have the same advertising team as the Cafe and Campground! Another must....that’s all we can say!

Matt, Tanja and the girls made this a stop on their camping trip a few years ago and told us about the experience. It is like a mini mall spread over a zillion acres. The idea of growing the truck stop started in 1979 and has continued each year. We spent about a half hour wandering thru one of the buildings and then proceeded on our trek to Kellogg....only after purchasing a fridge magnet.

Our journey to “Iowa’s Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg Campground” took us to exit 173 on I80. Much to our surprise it was a gas station which had a campground. The ladies who checked us in were delightful and more than accommodating. Today the “Best Burger was $1 off and the special tonight was 1/2 lb burger with a drink and fries for $4.79! As you can imagine......well, it was flame broiled and not bad.....not what we expected but it will be the best burger WE have ever had in Iowa! The picture show the extent of the seating at the Cafe. And it will be “The Best Burger in Iowa” that we have had until Patty Graff recommends someplace else to us.

The sun is setting and the moon taking over its job, Angus has been walked and we are ready for sleep and whatever tomorrow brings.

We will be lulled to sleep with the rhythm of the 18 wheelers on the road just outside the RV. Nitey, nite.